White Teeth Fillings in Doylestown and Southampmton, PA

Most people at some point in their lives will experience a cavity. When you do need to have a tooth filled, you don’t want to have to choose a restoration that is invasive or unsightly. At Advanced Dental Group, we offer minimally invasive composite dental teeth fillings at our Southampton and Doylestown dental office locations.

Image of teeth before and after white teeth fillings have been inserted. Composite fillings are white in color, and custom shaded to match your natural tooth. Because they require less tooth preparation (the material bonds directly to your teeth,) they help us preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Once they are placed, you usually cannot tell where the tooth stops and the filling starts.

Do I Need Teeth Fillings?

How can you know whether or not you have a cavity? Some symptoms may include:

  •    Pain or sensitivity to foods or drinks
  •    Food catching in your teeth
  •    Rough surfaces that you can feel with your tongue

To determine whether or not there is actually a cavity, we will thoroughly examine the tooth as well as take a digital x-ray. Some cavities are not visible during an exam, such as those deep inside of grooves or between the teeth. We will usually recommend x-rays on a periodic basis to screen for new cavities as early as possible.

Cosmetic Restorations

We can also replace your old silver fillings with new, white restorations for better aesthetics. If you’re too embarrassed to smile in a photograph or are bothered by dark shadows along your smile, then white fillings are an excellent choice.

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A dental crown is a “full coverage” restoration that we place over your entire tooth up to the gum lines.

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