Dental Crown Services in Doylestown and Southampton, PA

A dental crown is a “full coverage” restoration that we place over your entire tooth up to the gum lines.

What makes crowns different than fillings is that they are used as a method to preserve teeth that have been severely compromised. Otherwise, those teeth would not be able to continue biting or chewing without breaking down even more.

Happy patient after dental crown procedure at Advanced Dental Group in Doylestown PA.Some of the situations when crowns are necessary include:

  •    After root canal therapy
  •    Large cavities or fractures
  •    Replacing large, old fillings
  •    Cracked teeth
  •    Severely worn tooth enamel

Options to Choose From

Advanced Dental Group uses aesthetic, durable porcelain materials for all of our dental crowns. Whether it is a full porcelain crown or one that is fused to a noble metal base, each one is created to enhance both the appearance as well as the function of our patients’ smiles.

Your Treatment

Our crown treatments typically require two visits to our office. During your first visit, we will prep your tooth and take an impression. Then, we place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it and prevent any sensitivity.

Within about two weeks, your permanent crown will be ready for delivery. We will remove the temporary, thoroughly clean the tooth, and then bond the permanent crown over it. Once it is cemented in place, we will check the fit and make any adjustments if necessary.

When well cared for, most crowns last for several years. It is important to continue flossing around your new crown as well as schedule regular cleanings at either our Doylestown or Southampton office twice each year.

So call our offices in either location today and be sure to also ask about our dental bridges service if you wish to replace your missing or severely damaged teeth!

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